Isha Dalal – Abstract Artist

Art Education & Exclusive Abstract Painting

Isha Dalal is a Fine-Artist and Textile designer based in Mumbai, India. She completed her art & design academic education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for four years (2013-2017), with painting and drawing as her major. This hardworking owner also worked in fiber and material arts. Being in an interdisciplinary school, she was exposed to using her painting sensibilities into other cross disciplines as well. She created abstract forms and textured surfaces in her painting classes based on her artistic memory and intuition. Her painting methods have always been intuitive and meditative. Additionally, Chicago has a unique landscape of art, architecture, and design that is so different in the vibe and makes for a great place to foster creativity. It has an artistic and aesthetic culture of its own that resonates with Isha till date.

Abstraction in art is something that wasn’t encouraged in school but the owner’s global travel and interest in Indian philosophy allowed her to involve with creating abstract non-representational art. Colors and textures always seem to predominantly be present in her work.

Own Studio & Art Exhibitions

Now the Artist has her own art & textile studio, called “Ishaa Studio” at Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai,India. The studio is beautified with her intrinsic paintings, artworks and textured art pieces.

Here, in the studio, numerous artworks of Isha are available to Interior designers, Art collectors, Auction houses, and Art galleries on an appointment basis. To spread her culture of art worldwide, Isha believes in affordable art & she makes the painting available at the most economical rate.

Soon after returning home to her home country in 2017, she had her first art show at a prestigious art gallery of Mumbai city, the Jehangir Art Gallery“.

She has also collaborated with the most famed and esteemed automobile brand like “Audi”. In 2019 The artist did a live workshop and art sale at the audi showroom in Mumbai . Creating an art ecosystem in an automobile showroom was something that was a unique and enjoyable experience for all the visitors and art buyers.

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