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Why Interior Decorators give the highest priority to a living room space while designing your home decor?

The wall painting for the living room is an important aspect of any home, it is the place where we spend most of our time. Guests visiting also spend most of their time in the living room. The living room designs and color palette depicts the personality of the house owner. Hence, home decor objects and artistic aesthetics such as a Wall painting for the living room and cushion covers become the most highlighted aspect of any living room space. For any interior designer, the living room is a playground of art and aesthetics compared to any other part of the home.

We all want our home decor design to be unique and exclusive as our home space is our pride and happiness. Everyone dreams of having their own home, a home where their dreams come true. Imagine, create, and get inspired at home with our  Fine Art Print Cushion Covers in your own comfort space. Work at home feels different when you have exquisite and unique art objects around you.

Ishaa Studio offers you an exclusive range of printed Fine Art Cushion Covers for creating an artful home. Cushion covers redefine the idea of a home. Luxuriously crafted pure silk cushion covers welcome you back to a happy home after a tiring day. The rich, soft texture and the bright colors and designs enhance your mood and brighten up your living space. 

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Cushion Covers transform your living space making work at a home a blissful experience

The current global pandemic situation has taught us new methods of living life. With work from home as a new phenomenon across the world, people have started realizing the need to have a colorful and vibrant home. A place where we now not only spend a few hours but precisely a large amount of time. Cushion covers are the easiest way to add some color and texture enhancing and enriching not only the look of your home but also how you feel being home. Work from home now means you would need an environment that makes you feel vibrant and energized and the simplest way to do it is with adding some color and texture around. Ishaa Studio’s here to bring to you our unique collection of opulent pure silk Fine Art cushion Covers that are created with uniqueness.

Imagine if after a tiring day at work could you could touch, feel and play with a colorful painting, our cushion covers are made from original paintings with exciting Fine art Prints and motifs embedded on the cushion covers. You can now experience art in a different light, you can now feel art on your home decor cushion covers while you take a break from your work mode and sip on a cup of warm coffee, cuddle with your cushion, and refresh yourself with its vibrant palette.

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Pattern Designs are drawn from original fine art, artistic imagination, and real-life inspiration

Artist Isha uses her original handmade, Fine Art paintings to create exclusive and unique pattern designs that look mesmerizing on these luxurious cushion covers. Ishaa Studio defines art as an important aspect of home decor, it lifts your mood and provides your space with an instant color palette. Patterns on the cushion come from her original art drawn by her imagination and her inspiration from life, moreover, they are unique and exquisite in nature and have a captivating appearance. Patterns and colors create a radiant atmosphere and we want you to experience that with our refreshing range of Fine Art Cushion Covers available in two options, a set of 4 and a set of 2

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