Isha Dalal Mehta is a Fine Artist and Textile Designer based in Mumbai, India. During she completed her art & design academic education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for four years (2013-2017), with painting and drawing as her major.

Being in an interdisciplinary school, she was exposed to using her painting sensibilities in other cross-disciplines such as fiber and material arts as well as abstract art painting.

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Abstract art Painting
Abstract Art by ishaa studio

Abstract Painting

We at Ishaa Studio have a large collection of abstract painting in Mumbai India. Artist Isha Dalal Mehta’s paintings are abstract paintings, conceptualised by various thematic and sizes that fit commercial usages such as hotels, offices, and also living spaces of modern homes designs. Ishaa studio is a go-to hub for any auction house, art gallery, interior designer, art collector , art connoisseur or an art lover.

Abstraction in representational and non-representational styles are a apart of Ishaa Studio’s painting collection in Mumbai India; from abstract expressionism to painting landscape with oil, acrylic, and mix media.

Artist Isha caters to providing curated projects for her clients based on their requirements. Working on developing unique three dimensional surfaces such as sculptural painting installations with rich material play is a rare skill she acquires as an artist who would predominantly work in the two dimensional realm.

Artist Isha has done various group and solo art exhibitions , art collaborations with renowned brands like Audi, and also contributed her original paintings to raise funds for a social cause.

Some of the most remarkable achievements include her first art show at a prestigious art gallery of Mumbai city, the Jehangir Art Gallery, soon after she returned back to her home country in 2017. In 2019, she collaborated with the most famed and esteemed automobile brand “Audi”

The artist did a live workshop and a commendable single day sale of abstract art painting in Mumbai at the Audi showroom. Creating an art ecosystem in an automobile showroom was something that was a unique and enjoyable experience for all the visitors and art buyers. In addition 2020, she sold her paintings to raise funds and provide support to an educational institution in Mumbai during the global pandemic.

Abstract art painting – What is the meaning of Abstract Art?

Abstract Art Painting is something that isn’t always easily understood. Artist Isha creates abstract forms and textured surfaces from her artistic sensibilities, memory, and intuition. The artist’s global travel and interest in academic philosophy allow her to create non-representational and representational abstract art.

Abstraction is a process of subtracting to the very essential. Contemporary artists while working in both styles, representational and non-representational abstract or in other words subtract an object, figure , landscape, or even an expression or emotion to it’s essential form perceived by the artist. Artist Isha’s abstract art paintings are a pure form of abstract expressionism where in she creates a body of work where the subject matter is dominated by her internal state of mind, memory ,and emotion.

What defines contemporary artists?

Artist Isha creates abstract forms and textured surfaces from her artistic sensibilities, memory, and intuition. Contemporary artists today have a unique art style, similarly, artist Isha’s abstract art painting methods are intuitive and meditative. She uses her painterly skills to express her emotions. Colors and textures always seem to predominantly be present in her work of abstract art painting, mixed media art, modern art drawing, and even while painting landscape thematics.

Large scale abstract paintings and installations for hotels and homes

A painting artist is always understood to be someone who works on a two dimensional surface. However, artist Isha due to her academic background in interdisciplinary art becomes one of the most explorative contemporary artists who learned to explore and apply her painting skills on three dimensional surfaces. Having done her art education from an interdisciplinary school, she was exposed to using her painting sensibilities in other cross-disciplines such as fiber and material arts, thus improvising her painting skills with material play. She uses her unique skills of material play to create large scale installations and paintings for hotels and contemporary homes.

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The artist believes in affordable art, which means she aspires to give a wide variety of people access to art at an affordable price. At Ishaa Studio, we believe in high quality, absolute authenticity, and affordability as a priority.
You may buy paintings online at Mojarto and Art Zolo.

Affordable Art — Fine Art Painting and Art Prints

Our Studio display showroom is always open to architects and interior designers who may visit individually or with their clients. Luxury Home Decor Stores are welcome to visit our studio for viewing and selection. Art lovers and Art Collectors are always welcome to visit and interact with the artist.

Modern Art drawing and Decorative Art

Ishaa Studio’s affordable segment consists of original abstract art painting, modern art drawing, ink art, and illustration using gouache and watercolor producing mesmerizing landscapes and decorative florals. Art in this segment is often inspired by nature, daily life, and the artist’s ethnicity. Drawing is the oldest form of art only a few can acquire. Artist Isha uses her drawing skills with water based mediums to generate a unique body of illustrative and decorative art and art prints.

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What is Limited Edition Print Art ?

We love making art affordable to you and accessible to a wider audience. With affordability in mind, we curate high-quality paintings and painting prints for you to treasure. With the idea of having art available to many, we launched the exclusive concept of Limited Edition Fine Art paintings. A limited Edition painting is available in a series of multiples authorised by the artist. It is the reproduced, print version of the original artwork, signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta along with a certificate of authenticity.

In the Morden world, contemporary fine artists like artist Isha, want their art to be more accessible. Here’s where the concept of affordable art comes in. To make art affordable and accessible, modern artists create a series of painting prints, using a high-tech scanning machine resulting in a scanning quality of up to 600 D.P.I. producing a superior image quality.

The printing machinery recreates a replicated print version of an original art signed by the artist called the limited edition print art. Limited edition print art is available in a limited number of prints authorized by the artist. You may buy our limited edition print paintings online at Flipkart and Ishaa Studio Shop.

Limited Edition Painting Print

The limited edition series is also available in a print on canvas version, where the same technology is used to replicate a canvas painting, on a canvas surface stretched on a wooden frame. The production methods make art more affordable & sustainable, giving you a luxurious finish and quality of the final print art.

The high-tech German quality inks used in production assure that the artwork will have a long life, allowing you to treasure it for decades to come. The artist provides a certificate of authenticity with each art frame to assure you that you are receiving a reproduced art work authorized by the artist.

Our Limited Edition Fine Art is a print version generated on german quality, archival paper (permanent, durable acid-free paper) using german-made heavy quality pigments. These prints are available in limited and exclusive quantities only.
You may buy our limited edition print paintings online at Flipkart and Ishaa Studio Shop.

Buy paintings online at Ishaa Studio

Ishaa Studio has a large painting gallery offering wall paintings for the living room for anyone looking out to buy online paintings and modern art drawing.

Numerous artworks of Isha are available to Interior designers, Art collectors, Auction houses, and Art galleries on appointment basis. To spread the culture of art worldwide, Isha believes in affordable art & she makes the painting available at the most economical rate without compromising on quality.

Abstract Art

Why is contemporary art the heart of your home decor?

Most interior designers consider a modern home incomplete without the presence of a contemporary art painting or a framed wall art . The purpose of abstract art painting is to evoke an emotion. Embedding an artwork within the elements of your home decor creates a striking combination of emotion and passion within your home space. Owning a work of Fine art painting is a prestige hence, the placement is very crucial in your home interior space. Positioning your artwork in a prominent & captivating place is important, as it has a direct connection with the viewers emotions. Moreover, the colors and textures define the mood of your space.


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Certificate of Authenticity

However certificate signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta assures you the value of owning an original creation. The certificate of authenticity is provided with the original as well as the limited edition painting.

“We believe in high quality, absolute authenticity, and affordability as a priority.” Isha Dalal Mehta

Abstract Art Painting with Certificate

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With such interesting facts, visit Ishaa Studio and experience the artistic ambiance through the beautiful and intuitive abstract paintings.

“Bring home my world of artistic imagination packed in a box of uniqueness.” -Isha Dalal Mehta

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