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Ishaa Studio’s designs are high in quality and exclusively created for fashion designers, apparel, and home textile business. As we head strongly towards a digitalised ecosystem, contemporary abstract painting by Isha often finds ways to interweave their fine art practice into the design.

The combination of textures and patterns from her rich abstract paintings and her hand-drawn, illustrative motifs on every design created has indeed become one of the main USP of Ishaa Studio’s textile design segment. Our designs echo our brand’s artistic foundation.

Our design creations create a captivating experience, allowing our buyers to utilize these exclusive patterns in a printed fashion that has never been seen before.

The journey from Abstract Painting to Exclusive Textile Designing

Along with the need for innovation, Isha realizes her true love for colors and textures, which is always depicted in the art she creates. Her creative instincts were directing her to an art form that would be more utilitarian. And, she had this sudden urge to make art that could go beyond the pure aesthetics of “art for art’s sake”.  She wanted to make creativity utilized in a format that allowed for room for creativity that was in accordance with consumer demands and market trends. She decided to enhance her creative mechanism of art creation to cater to a product, which has a more instrumental value.

For this point, the owner says, “I truly believe that you can sell only what the market is in need of and that got me into a boat where I switched from being a fine artist to becoming a designer who would use those skills to make a larger difference to the world.” Considering the set of skills and expertise she had, she believed that textile designing for printed fashion was an industry that would satisfy her need as an artist and a designer.


Unique and Exclusive Textile Designs

The owner, Isha Dalal Mehta paints her heart out in her abstract paintings which allows for the development of abstract motifs and background textures which are truly unique creations. She is more representative and illustrative while drawing and painting her motifs. She creates the motif with skillful yet very imaginative and intuitive detailing. Moreover, the artist uses her rich abstract paintings for developing abstract motif patterns and predominant textured background for her luxurious textile design collection.

The combination of textures from her rich abstract paintings and the uniquely illustrative motifs on every design created has indeed become one of the main USP of Ishaa Studio’s textile design segment.  With Arts to fashion as our vision, we use pure aesthetics of arts into modern design.

At Ishaa Studio along with our independent USP of design, we also pay special attention to the market trends
and consumer demands. Each seasonal visit to Premiere  Vision Paris is where we gather most of our design
trends and forecasts. Analyses on-trend and color reports are always something we do with our design team
before the generation of our mood board.  We consider this a necessary thing to do before producing our
latest textile design collection.

Visit Ishaa Studio to understand the aesthetics of art being used to create textile designs.

For product and sales inquiry email us: artist@ishaastudio.com

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