Ishaa Studio Introduction

Ishaa Studio is owned by Isha Dalal Mehta who is a Fine Artist and textile designer based in Mumbai, India. She studied art and design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for four years (2013-2017) with painting and drawing as her major as well as having worked in the fiber and material arts. Returning back home to Mumbai, India in 2017 she had her first art show at a prestigious art gallery of the city, the Jehangir Art Gallery.
A few months later her love for color, pattern, and texture along with her family’s rich background in textiles, sparked her interest into textile designing for printed fashion.

Today the artist and her team, successfully run an independent studio space where art meets design. The studio is a creative house that sells unique and exclusive abstract paintings and drawings,  textile designs and printed fashion fabrics , home decor and home decor gift sets.

Our Vision

 Ishaa Studio’s USP lies in the unique transformation of fine art into exclusive textile products, created using artist Isha Dalal Mehta’s original fine art creations.

With our exclusive range of products, we at Ishaa Studio define and present to you the value of a Fine Art original creation. We will keep creating uniqueness and exclusivity for our customers, with our objective being to produce creations that have been sculpted from their roots of Fine Art.

Ishaa Studio – Paintings

We at Ishaa Studio sell a large collection of paintings and drawings. Artist Isha Dalal Mehta’s paintings are abstract paintings and have a range of sizes that are ideal for commercial spaces  such as hotels and offices and also living spaces of modern homes. Ishaa Studio is a hub for architects, interior designers, art collectors, art galleries, and art lovers. The artist’s uniqueness relies on exclusivity. She sells each painting with a certificate of authenticity signed exclusively by her.

The artist believes in affordable art, which means she aspires to give a wide variety of people access to art at an affordable rate. At Ishaa Studio, we believe in high quality, absolute authenticity, and affordability as a priority.

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Ishaa Studio – Textile Design 

Ishaa Studio’s designs are high in quality and exclusively created for fashion designers, apparel, and home textile business. The combination of textures and patterns from her rich abstract paintings and her hand-drawn, illustrative motifs on every design created has indeed become one of the main USP of Ishaa Studio’s Printed textile Designs segment. Our designs echo our brand’s artistic foundation.

Our design creations create a captivating experience, allowing our buyers to utilize these exclusive patterns on printed fashion that have never been seen before.

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Ishaa Studio – Fashion Fabrics – Arts to Fashion

We make exclusive Fine Art printed fashion fabrics that are uniquely created and produced. The fabrics are exclusively made for textile designers and apparel manufacturers. Our design studio offers textile fabrics that are personally sourced with careful attention given to the quality and feel of the textile production.

We work exclusively with our in-house designed prints only.

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Ishaa Studio – Home Decor – Art to Decor

Ishaa Studio offers you an exclusive range of printed Fine Art Cushion Covers for creating an artful home. Cushion covers redefine the idea of a home. Luxuriously crafted pure silk cushion covers welcome you back to a happy home after a tiring day. The rich, soft texture and the bright colors and designs enhance your mood and brighten up your living space.

Artist Isha uses her original handmade, Fine Art paintings to create exclusive and unique patterns that look mesmerizing on these luxurious cushion covers. Ishaa Studio defines art as an important aspect of Home Decor, it lifts your mood and provides your space with an instant color palette. Patterns and colors create a radiant atmosphere and we want you to experience that with our refreshing range of Fine Art Cushion Covers.      

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Ishaa Studio – Gift Set

Ishaa Studio presents to you a unique concept of a Fine Art Gift Set with exclusive content, which is one of the best gifting ideas. A gift box inclusive of a wall painting frame with a set of 4 coordinated cushion covers and a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. A gift that is ideal for all those who would love having a painting on their wall along with matching Fine Art printed cushion covers in their living space.

We love making art affordable to you and also available to a wider audience. With affordability, we do believe in providing high quality. With the idea of having art available to many we launch the exclusive concept of printing a series of Limited Edition Fine Art paintings.  A Limited Edition is the print version of the original artwork, signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta.

High tech digital machinery allows us to recreate an original work of art in a series of multiples for a wider audience to be able to buy at an affordable price. Our Limited Edition Fine Art is a print version of the original. These prints are available in limited and exclusive quantities only.

Alongside our Limited Edition Art Gift sets we also have our Original Art Gift Set that consists of the original painting at a premium price with a set of 4 Fine Art coordinated cushion covers.

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Dear all,

We at Ishaa Studio are all about exclusivity and I assure you that the creations made by us are truly unique and yours to treasure. I am very serious about providing exclusivity, quality, and service. My work is often inspired by my global travel exposure from a very young age, my academic reading, and my education as well as my Indian heritage and ethnicity. 

 I believe that in today’s world when you blend elements from pure aesthetics of art into modern design, the outcome is astounding

Thank you for your interest in Ishaa Studio,

Isha Dalal Mehta

Isha’s Profile


2013-2017 School of the Art Institute of Chicago
                      Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in studio Chicago, IL, USA.

2012 Jamnabai Narsee School International baccalaureate Mumbai, India.

2010 International School Amby International general certificate for secondary
            Education. Amby Valley city, Maharashtra, India.

 Group Show:

2014 Art Bash group show at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (faculty select) Chicago, IL, USA.


2017 – Aerial View Landscapes Group exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.
2018, The Rotary Club Exhibition at P.L. Deshpande Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2019, Audi India Art Exhibition, a concept-based Solo Exhibition of artworks alongside Audi cars at the Audi Mumbai West showroom.


2019, Audi India Art Workshop, hosted the event at the Audi Mumbai West showroom.

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