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We make exclusive Fine Art printed fashion fabrics that are uniquely created and produced. The fabrics are exclusively made for textile design and apparel manufacturers. Moreover, our design studio offers textile fabrics that are personally sourced with careful attention given to the quality and feel of the textile production.

Abstract artists in India today, aim to conceptualise their art in a way that it can create a larger than life feel. Artist Isha creates a large collection of fabric designs using her abstract paintings each season that almost make you feel as you wearing a painting.


The studio owner, Isha was born into a Fashion fabric & textile family in the business capital city of Mumbai, India. Her father, grandfather, and great grandfather have been in the textile business from around 1900 to early 2000. The family had started with a cotton mill and would export yarn to Japan, along with the textile-manufacturing unit where the fabric was hand-painted, screen-printed, and dyed. The next generation was into exporting finished home textile products to the United States. Born into such a rich Textile & Fashion fabric background, she gained the knowledge of fabric material and its quality at an early stage of her life. Her father had a very particular eye when it came to buying fabric and clothing material. Ever since Isha was 4 years old, this little girl used to visit her father’s export house of home textiles. She spent time around a vast arena of textile manufacturing and designing, envisioning herself to be a textile designer someday.

Need for Printed Fabrics in the Fashion Market

After coming into the market of unique and chic textile designing, Isha realizes the need for the fashion industry to change according to the trends. The fashion designers and houses are looking for “Ready to Use Fashion Fabrics”. The Pret Couture & Haute Couture is a fashion culture distinguishing two prominent fashion designers. The Haute Couture is also known for its term as a “Walking Piece of Fashion.”. Here, the customers own unique pieces that the market has never seen before, designing for haute couture is like painting on a canvas, your creations are always exclusively made. Isha always keeps the domestic and International trend statistics in mind to fulfill the requirements of clients with her artistic motifs, color palette, and textures on her designed fashion fabrics. She also makes available season based fashion fabric creations. Ishaa Studio chooses a fabric swatch library based on the current market’s trendiest natural, manufactured fabrics. Isha believes in promoting natural fabrics as she believes, “Natural fabrics are sustainable, and walking into the world tomorrow I aim to provide my fashion buyers and designers sustainable choices. Furthermore, being someone who puts her heart into her designs, I truly feel that natural fabrics do justice to my designing effort. The sleekness and the luster of natural fabrics really enhance the patterns and prints they carry on to them. On today’s date, she has a  collection of more than 500 unique designs, which are exclusively created utilizing her own hand-drawn and hand-painted artworks. The colors used in Isha’s fabric collection are according to the Pantone Studio color guide and color range, which suit the latest domestic as well as international trends and color forecasts.

Unique & Creative textile patterns for Fashion Fabrics

Being a fine artist by origin she has a data library of creations that are uniquely hers, which furthermore are in correspondence to the need of the time and latest trends. The original artworks, designs, creative ideas, and concepts, make the fashion fabrics produced here so fine in taste and unique in creation that the fashion industry may have a captivating experience viewing them. “Ishaa studio provides the best Fashion Fabric for those who are looking for uniqueness and quirkiness in their clothing”.

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