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Ishaa Studio’s primary Mumbai studio is located in Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri (west). It is home to a wide collection of designer fashion fabrics of over 500 pattern designs and colorways. A studio space that happens to be the top fashion designer in Mumbai’s choice. We provide a curated look and feel experience with a wide variety of pure silk fabric swatches and samples. We begin with using raw fabric to then create a printed designer fabric collection for you fashion designers. As aresult you get to explore textiles in a new light.

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Ishaa Studio Has The Largest Variety of Designer Fabrics Crafted From Original Abstract Paintings

Artist Isha Dalal Mehta has created her designer fabrics using her abstract paintings and floral motifs . She creates the motif with skillful yet very imaginative and intuitive detailing. Most importantly her original abstract painting is used for developing abstract patterns and textured backgrounds for her luxurious textile design collection. Our collection has more than 500 unique designs created each season, exclusively crafted from her own hand-drawn artworks and original abstract paintings. The colors used in Isha’s fabric collection are according to the Pantone Studio color guide and color range, as a result it matches with the latest domestic as well as international trends and color forecasts. Ishaa Studio has a collection of Designer fabric in Mumbai with trendy prints.

Luxury designer fabrics for dressmaking by the meter – customize as per the order

Our fabric studio in Mumbai provides you fashion designers to shop and customize your fabric choice by meter. Moreover There is no minimum order requirement. For instance,We customize as low as even 5 meter . Our fabrics are all premium range , pure silk designer fabrics for luxurious dress making.

High-End Fabrics For fashion designer That Make Any Outfit Look as if you were wearing a piece of art

Artist Isha creates a large collection of fabric designs using her abstract paintings each season that almost make you feel as you were wearing a painting. Moreover, artist Isha has a data library of creations that are uniquely hers, which furthermore are in correspondence to the need of the time and latest trends. Above all, the original artworks, designs, creative ideas, and concepts, make the fashion fabrics produced here so fine in taste and unique in creation that the fashion industry may have a captivating experience viewing them. “Ishaa studio provides the best Fashion Fabric in Mumbai for those who are looking for uniqueness and quirkiness in their clothing”.

Pure Silk Designer Printed Fabrics by Fine artist Isha

Ishaa Studio chooses a fabric swatch library based on the current market’s trendiest natural, manufactured fabrics. We believe in promoting natural fabrics. Our brand owner Isha Dalal Mehta says, “Natural fabrics are sustainable, and walking into the world tomorrow I aim to provide you top fashion designer in Mumbai a sustainable choice. Furthermore, being someone who puts her heart into her designs, I truly feel that silk fabrics do justice to my designing effort. The sleekness of pure silk really enhance the patterns and prints applied on to the designer fabrics .”

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Fashion Fabrics

These are the World’s Most Luxurious Designer Fabrics For dressmaking –
Ishaa Studio

Silk is the epitome of luxury fabric. Firstly, Silk is a breathable, lightweight, and luxurious in appearance kind of fabric for a classy and sophisticated dressmaker. secondly, the durability of this sheek fabric is also commendable, hence making it the best choice of fashion fabric in Mumbai available for dress designers.

Most importantly, the top fashion designers in Mumbai and globally aim to provide their customers with unique pieces that the market has never seen before. Hence we step in and give access to our exclusive designer fabric studio where you will find luxurious fabrics made from original canvas paintings transformed into pattern design, and finally printed on pure silk varieties.

Contemporary Artist Working with Prints For top fashion designer in Mumbai

Artist Isha is a contemporary artist and designer who creates for top fashion designers in Mumbai aiming to generate a “wearable art piece”. Our creations at Ishaa Studio are always exclusively made from our original artwork and print design from which we then create printed fashion fabrics in Mumbai with a new voice.

The collection of Contemporary designer fabrics

Our designer fabrics are a contemporary collection of fabric created from our in-house prints. Moreover We always keep up with the domestic and International trend reports in mind to fulfill the requirements of clients. Our artistic motifs, color palette, and textures are contemporary in nature complementing the latest global trends.

The best fashion designer in Mumbai source exclusive Fabrics from Ishaa Studio

First of all fashion designers don’t go to fabric stores to get their fabrics for dressmaking, they buy it from manufacturers, wholesalers, or exclusive fabric designers. When it comes to the choice of the best fashion designer in Mumbai, they choose Ishaa Studio as their source of fashion fabric in Mumbai .

Designer fabric studio – Ishaa Studio -home to beautiful fabrics you’ll fall in love with

Artist Isha describes her style as trend driven designs with soul. A painting has the soul of an artist and hence her designs have greater value. Hence, the soulful artworks are used to create prints that are also trendy. Trend meets soulfulness is what you experience when you feel our luxurious printed silks when you visit our designer fabric studio in Mumbai. A collection of exclusive fashion fabrics in Mumbai.

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An outstanding fabric studio in Mumbai everyone must visit

Come visit our fabric studio in Mumbai a wide collection for you to feel, explore, and experience. Additionally it is a world of exclusive creations curated for you fashion designers in Mumbai by a fine artist whose ethnicity meets her global exposure. An artist from Mumbai who studied at the school of the art institute of Chicago for four years and has come back to Mumbai to create a unique collection of designer fabrics .

Concept studio of designer fabrics for fashion designers looking for exclusivity

Our Mumbai Studio is a concept based studio where you fashion designers may come ,explore and select the choose from a wide range of of designer fabrics, colorways and process your order with a minimum order being as low as 5 meters. We shall curate the fabric for you with your selection of quantity, color and quality . However we curate fashion fabrics in Mumbai for fashion designer using our in house prints and colorways only.

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Artist Isha is creates designer fabrics with one thing kept in mind luxury with affordability

Artist Isha creates a large collection of designer fabrics which are high quality yet affordable for designers looking for exclusivity. Our design studio purchases design trend books each year from various international trade fairs each season and creates a collection of fabrics from original artworks at a price which is viable for those who understand the value of true artistic creation .

An Indian artist redefining Indian textiles by crafting designer fabrics

Gone are the days when fashion designers were to wait for months of labour intensive craftsmanship which would not only be expensive, labour intensive as well as time consuming adding to the pressure of managing a large inventory to create unique and luxurious fabrics for fashion dressmaking. Therefore, we at Ishaa Studio have a fabulous solution where we create exclusive and highly skilled fashion fabrics ready for use in two -three weeks from original and exclusive fine art paintings on luxurious silk fabrics.

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fashion fabrics in Mumbai for all top fashion designer in mumbai should follow –
Artist Isha Dalal Mehta

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