I am an independent textile design studio that functions as a service provider for fashion designers and garment manufacturers.

I am here introducing to you a service of customization and job working opportunities for the textile fabric of your choosing which you can further use as a starting point to making beautifully crafted apparels for women’s wear.

  • I am an independent textile designing studio/surface pattern designer who can now give you access to my exclusively designed, high-quality, hand drawn designs which are furthered into digitally generated repeat pattern design.
  • When you work with me you have access to my personal paid collection of the latest international trends and color forecasts from Premier Vision Paris, and other resources such as pattern bank which can be used to develop the designs and fabric in accordance to you’re taste and requirement.

How this works:

1). You can select from a wide range of design repeat pattern and fabric swatches and  concepts that can be transferred into finished fabrics. Each design can be customized according to the new 2020 trend and color forecast. I am flexible with working according to your taste and can develop fabrics that suit you’re requirement to the fullest.

2). You can then select from the base fabric type of your choosing and I will provide the best possible rate from my textile library and sample swatches.

3).Next you may select the colour for your base fabric with using Pantone Studio colour guide and colour range which suit you. As I produce fabric using digital printing you have the choice of working with a wide range of colour selection and  colour forecasting books from my private paid collection. 

4). Finally you choose the process of production which would be direct on fabric digital printing along with embellishment and fancy work if required . I will then place an order for you with the quantity of you need.

Rest assured! I even work with minimal order quantity, however the larger the production the more cost effective. I am all about exclusivity and I assure you that the fabrics generated under me are always truly unique and yours. I am very serious about providing exclusivity in design, quality and service that you will find nowhere else. My designs are hand made and are often inspired by my global travels and inspiration. They are in accordance with the latest trends and colours  however the unique artistic elements in the hand-drawn motifs are the USP of my studio services. Designs that you will probably not see commonly will be found right inside my studio space.

Mission Statement

  • My Clients are fashion designers and manufacturers who value exclusivity and uniqness of designs, and quality  of fabric above everything else.
  • Those who desire to be different, who value creativity and aim on having their own exclusively generated clothing line.
  • My client’s are valued individuals who will be provided with uniqueness and exclusivity which is in accordance to the global market trends and consumer demands.
  • The competitive fashion industry always demands for change and the accelerating speed at which the end consumer demands for newness is highly what are our goal is to make you achieve.
  • My services and products include unique variations in design, concepts and finished fabrics to those who pay  serious attention to brand consciousness.I am here to take printed fashion textile to a level where it has a unique value and an aesthetically appealing and luxurious feel.My design will suit most modern printing production methods.
  • I want to provide designs and finished fabrics for a fashion conscious generation of millennials who want to craft their fashion garments into a statement piece using unique yet trendy designs and aesthetically pleasing and luxurious fabrics.
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