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Art as a treasured gift set product blooms relationships forever

A thoughtful gift-set is always valued by the recipient as they remember it while using it and appreciate the gift giver. One should always be thoughtful about the recipient’s choice and their personality so that the main purpose of gift-giving is served. The reason for gifting art could be relation-building or a gesture of gratitude. However, on the other hand,  the presence of love, care, and affection should most importantly be served. There are many gift-set products available in the market, but when you give a home decor giftset product, then you build a relationship of warmth with your family, friends, or corporate colleagues. A home Decor Fine Art gift box is an exclusive gift, which enhances the prestige and personality of the receiver as well as the gift giver. Art is something that stays forever, it is a perfect gift for relationships you would like to see blossom forever. 

A timeless gift  needs to be exquisite, unique, and treasured for life 

 A unique combination of wall art that coordinates in design with pure silk cushion covers an exquisite and unique timeless gift set for all.

Isha Dalal Mehta, a fine artist after her graduation at America’s most renowned art college, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, opened her own studio space in Mumbai. She exhibited her art at the various groups as well as solo shows within India including her launch show at the prestigious and famous Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai and her unique art collaboration with luxury brands like Audi. She felt that her highly conceptualized, emotive, and colorful paintings should reach and be accessed by many. She decided to introduce a unique home decor luxury gift set that includes one limited edition print art or an original art with 4 matching silk cushion covers. The most luxurious & unique gift box set, ideal for corporate gifting, personal gifting, festive gifting, and even as a housewarming gift.

Ishaa Studio brings you a remarkable and unique solution for decor elements to reside cohesively within your living space.

Our Gift Sets can also be used for your own home as an easy decor solution. While planing the interior design of your home you may brainstorm many home decor ideas. We all know when it comes to creating the perfect home space or having the right palette of color doesn’t have any cliche right or wrong, but definitely defines an individual’s artistic and creative sensibilities. Being mindful of the choice of colors and textures can create a pleasing atmosphere, uplifting the mood of anybody walking into space. A home is a place with a feeling of warmth and comfort, art decor and aesthetics play an important role in bringing out the same into this space we all call home. The living room is a place you spend maximum time and even your visitors and guest also visit your living room and hence Ishaa Studio is here with an exclusive painting for living room wall and home decor collection. Your personality reflects strongly from your living room home decor, hence a fine artist is here to provide with your home decor essentials that really transform your space adding the perfect amount of color and texture. Ishaa Studio’s gift set has a living room wall painting and coordinated in design Fine Art cushion covers for your couch and chairs, the decor essentials that create a mesmerizing atmosphere and a pleasing mood within your living room space. Our giftset Product is a perfect solution for adding that extra touch and a refreshing new vibe that you can proudly say is stylized by a fine artist.

The luxury gift box consists of a limited edition print art frame or an original artwork with a coordinated set of 4 raw silk Cushion Cover 16×16 (standard size) and a certificate of authenticity. Artist Isha with her excelling skills of painting and drawing creates exclusive hand-made paintings that are then converted into the exclusive pattern designs for the cushion covers. The entire giftset Product is a refreshing new home decor collection created by a fine artist.

Art should be accessible and affordable to all

In order to make art more accessible, she introduces the idea of “affordable art for Indian homes”. The larger concept is to have affordable yet highly artistic and aesthetically rich decor elements come into the modern Indian home space. We love making art affordable to you and also available to a wider audience. With affordability, we do believe in providing high quality. With the idea of having art available to many we launch the exclusive concept of printing a series of Limited Edition Fine Art painting Giftset product.  A Limited Edition is the print version of the original artwork, signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta.

High tech digital machinery allows us to recreate an original work of art in a series of multiples for a wider audience to be able to buy at an affordable price. Our Limited Edition Fine Art is a print version of the original.

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Designer Cushion Covers by Ishaa Studio
Living Space

Limited Edition Painting

We love making art affordable to you and also available to a wider audience. With affordability, we do believe in providing high-quality giftset product for You. With the idea of having art available to many, we launched the exclusive concept of printing a series of Limited Edition Fine Art paintings. A Limited Edition is the reproduced print version of the original artwork, signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta.

In the Morden world, contemporary fine artists like Artist Isha, want their art to reach a wide audience. Here’s where the concept of affordable art comes in. To make art affordable, modern artists using a high-tech scanning machine that results in a scanning quality of up to 600 D.P.I. producing an image quality that is superior. The printing machinery recreates a replicated print version of an original art signed by the artist called the limited edition print art. Limited edition print art is available in a limited number of prints authorized by the artist. The limited-edition series is also available in print on canvas version, where the same technology is used to replicate a canvas painting on a canvas frame. The production methods make art more affordable & sustainable, giving you a luxurious finish and quality of the final print art. The high-tech German quality inks used in production assure your art a long life, allowing you to treasure it for decades to come. The artist provides a certificate of authenticity with each limited edition art frame to assure you that you are receiving an actual fine art reproduction authorized by the artist. High tech digital machinery allows us to recreate an original work of art in a series of multiples for a wider audience to be able to buy at an affordable price.

Our Limited Edition Fine Art is a print version of the original. The prints are generated on German quality, archival paper (permanent, durable acid-free paper) using German-made heavy quality pigments. These prints are available in limited and exclusive quantities only. These prints are available in limited and exclusive quantities only. Alongside our Limited Edition Art Giftset Product, we also have our Original Art giftset product.

Fine art painting gift set

Original Painting

A premium range of original artwork is created by artist Isha Dalal Mehta. The original paintings are created on high-quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame or on French-made, Arches paper (a brand known for its premium variation)  mounted on a glass frame, with heavily loaded pigments used on the surface. The original artwork has an intrinsic value that portrays the artist’s truly imaginative and illustrative capabilities.

The original art gift set consists of the original painting at a premium price with a set of 4 Fine Art coordinated cushion covers and a certificate of authenticity.

Art is the heart of your home

Most interior designers consider a modern home incomplete without the presence of a contemporary art painting or a framed wall art. The purpose of fine art Panting is to evoke an emotion, embedding art within the elements of decor creates a striking combination of emotion and passion within your home space. Owning a work of Fine art painting is a prestige hence, placement is very crucial in your home interior space. Positioning your artwork in a prominent & captivating place is important, as a work of fine art has a direct connection with one’s emotions, the colors and textures define the mood of your space.

Fine Art Cushion Covers

Along with our work of Fine Art painting our gift box consists of, matching and an exclusive range of printed Fine Art Cushion Covers creating an artful home for you. Cushion covers redefine the idea of a home. Luxuriously crafted pure silk cushion covers welcome you back to a happy home after a tiring day. The rich, soft texture and the bright colors and designs enhance your mood and brighten up your living space.

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Artist Isha uses her original handmade, Fine Art paintings to create exclusive and unique patterns that look mesmerizing on these luxurious cushion covers. Ishaa Studio defines art as an important aspect of Home Decor, it lifts your mood and provides your space with an instant color palette. Patterns and colors create a radiant atmosphere and we want you to experience that with our refreshing range of Fine Art Cushion Covers. The pure silk cushions for the living room sofa and chairs are designed by the artist with her paintings transformed into a repeat pattern design. The pattern design and wall painting have a unique story to say, it is an outcome of artist isha’s imagination and her inspiration.

Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate signed by artist Isha Dalal Mehta assures you the value of owning an original creation. The certificate of authenticity is provided with the original as well as the limited edition painting.

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With such interesting facts, visit Ishaa Studio and experience the artistic ambiance through the beautiful and intuitive abstract paintings.

Bring home my world of artistic imagination packed in a box of uniqueness.” -Isha Dalal Mehta

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